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Explaining the Surreal with Artist @daniel_arsham

For American artist Daniel Arsham (@daniel_arsham), nothing is what it seems. He recreates recognizable objects with unexpected materials—volcanic ash cameras, stone and crystal baseball gloves and melting walls. On Instagram, Daniel shares the process behind his perception-bending pieces. “Because Instagram is really visual, it gives me the chance to bring followers into the full worlds that I build in my work,” he says. “I think for many viewers the creation of an artwork, stage design or installation is an abstract gesture. Instagram allows me to give people the full sense of what I am trying to create as well as understand the many collaborators who inspire and influence what I make. I feel that the story and images in my feed are in many ways an even better reflection of my practice than my own website.”

Daniel also uses Instagram to share where his work will be on view with interested followers. In addition to a special project with Pharrell (@pharrell) that kicks off tonight in New York, Daniel has upcoming exhibitions in London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong. “I have followers from these places who already know about these shows and are following the process of how the work goes from an idea to what they will see in the gallery.” To follow Daniel’s practice and learn more about his upcoming exhibitions, including the #arshamxpharrell project tonight, be sure to follow @daniel_arsham.

The melting sculpture is out of this world!

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